Employers have the responsibility of providing a safe, non-hostile workplace for their employees. Having a drug-free workplace policy in place effectively notifies employees that drug and alcohol abuse is not permitted during work hours nor at the workplace and for federally regulated employees that the use of illicit and unprescribed drugs are never allowed.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies are available and customized to the specific needs of your company and industry.

Department of Transportation mandates that a drug and alcohol policy is in affect at all companies employing those regulated under DOT rules and standards. ACT DNA Drug & Alcohol Testing assists in building drug and alcohol policies for companies that fall under all 5 DOT modalities; FAA, FMCSA, FTA, USCG, and PHMSA. Each company’s policy reflects the company directed regulations and those of the Department of Tranportation modality that its employees fall under.

All random testing ratios are kept at the federal minimums for each different modality to maintain federal compliance.

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