Physicals are given to candidates who have physically demanding or strenuous duties. These types of examinations protect the patient and the agency that is requesting the examination to be performed from improper job placement or unreasonable assignments due to his or her ability. This is a proactive measure minimizing workplace accidents and injuries of the patient and those that work with or around him.

Fit for Duty

A Fit For Duty exam or Physical Abilities test is common for new employees and reexamination of current employees in safety sensitive positions. Each company may require its specific testing to be performed during each examination that is in line with the necessary demands of the candidate’s or employees’ duties. ACT DNA Drug and Alcohol Testing’s physicians and chiropractor are able to carry out any requested physical examination per employers’ request.

DOT Physicals

Department of Transportation mandates that its employees are determined to be physically capable to carry out the demands of their safety sensitive positions properly. ACT allows for rig parking and timely servicing to get you in and out and back on the road.