ACT DNA Drug & Alcohol Testing of Houston, Texas, provides DNA testing to check for paternity, immigration clearance, and identity of individuals. DNA tests are legally binding. Call us at 888-368-6668 for pricing on immigration, identity, and paternity testing.

Paternity Tests

dnatestingDiscover the true parentage of a child with our paternity testing, utilizing DNA of different individuals involved in the child’s life. We offer motherless tests for when the mother is unwilling or unavailable to submit her DNA. We also offer trio testing, which includes the mother, child, and alleged father.

Our related alleged father testing includes the mother, child, and father. Find out who the father of your child is before giving birth with our prenatal testing, which is performed between the 10th and 24th week of gestation.

Not sure what kind of DNA Test you need? Contact us at any time by calling 888-368-6668. Paternity DNA Tests are legally binding. Call for pricing.

Motherless – paternity testing when the mother is unwilling or unavailable

Trio – a standard paternity test with the mother, child and alleged father

Related Alleged Fathers – a paternity test with mother, child and with two closely related fathers (i.e. father/son or brothers)

Prenatal – a DNA test performed between the 10th and 24th week of gestation
*There is a fee for each additional person.

Immigration DNA Testing

DNA testing for passport verification, citizenship, and immigration clearance. ACT DNA Drug & Alcohol Testing provides AABB-accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes.

If you are immigrating, we offer AABB-accredited DNA testing for passport verification, citizenship, and clearance. We follow the specific requirements set by government agencies in more than 168 countries worldwide. Our team works with various lawyers and attorneys to ensure our service is accurate. We offer a great turnaround time. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Identity Testing & DNA Profiling

Identity testing helps to test one form of your DNA with another form to confirm that they both belong to the same individual. This helps to prove an individual’s identity, often used in immigration and crime cases.

A DNA profile is an individual’s genetic fingerprint, used for personal security such as in the case of identifying a missing child or future inheritance claims.

Contact us at any time if you are unsure of what kind of test you need.

Family Relationship Testing

ACT offers a variety of services to help determine biological relationships when the alleged father is unavailable. Read below to see if any of these options are a fit for you.

Grandparentage DNA Testing

Would you like to know the paternity of a child and the alleged father is not available? ACT offers Grandparentage testing to determine if there is a biological relationship between the child and the parents of the alleged father. Paternity can then possibly be inferred.

Siblingship DNA Testing

Both Full and Half Siblingship can be determined with ACT’s Siblingship DNA Test. Are you unsure if you have the same father or mother? Is the alleged father unavailable? We can perform a simple test to determine the answer to your questions.

Mobile DNA Testing

Prefer to schedule a DNA test at the location of your choice? Learn more about our Mobile DNA Testing services. Our mobile vehicle is equipped with a restroom inside. This is very beneficial to business owners that have union employees or DOT regulated businesses. It can prevent many legalities from arising.

We will come to you if our regular business hours are not conducive to your needs. Call today for more information on pricing.